Our Mission

Coming Home to Continued Care helps women being released from Riverside Correctional Facility enroll in Medicaid.

At Riverside Correctional Facility, 66% of women are medicated for behavioral health problems, and 26% are diagnosed as seriously mentally ill (SMI), meaning that their mental illness is interfering with life tasks such as work or relationships. After women are released from Riverside, they are only given about five days’ worth of medication. Five days. That is too short a time to get insurance and medications. And without their medication or healthcare, these women are at higher risk for re-incarceration. That’s where we come in.

Coming Home to Continued Care is dedicated to helping women at Riverside Correctional Facility enroll in Medicaid and establish a new medical home after they’re released. Between 2016-2017, we aim to enroll thousands of women in health insurance and set up initial doctor’s appointments at federally-qualified health centers in order to reduce recidivism overall.


Coming Home to Continued Care was founded and is currently led by Kriya Patel. Support comes from the University of Pennsylvania’s President’s Engagement Prize, the Pennsylvania Prison Society, the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, and the following key contributors.

Dr. Kathleen Brown

Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Dr. Bruce Herdman

Chief of Medical Operations, Philadelphia Department of Prisons

Maureen Barden

Project Fellow, Philadelphia Health Law Project

Maureen McDonnell

Director of Business & Healthcare Strategy, Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities


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